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Eileen Darby Photo Assignments

Born Yesterday December 1945
Images from the rehearsal of Born Yesterday, while Jean Arthur was still in the cast as Billie Dawn. Arthur was replaced just before the show opened by Judy Holliday, who was in turn made a star by the role. The show also starred Gary Merrill and Paul Douglas, and was directed by Garson Kanin.
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The Rugged Path circa 1945
Written by Robert E. Sherwood, directed by Garson Kanin, set design by Jo Mielziner, and starring Spencer Tracy. Tracy plays a newspaper man who overshoots his boundries as an editor, only to escape the fallout by joining the Navy and meeting his demise on an island at the hands of Japanese forces.
images available upon request
Life Magazine Covers date unknown
The Life Magazine covers of Eileen Darby.
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The Rugged Path date unknown
The rehearsal for The Rugged Path shows Spencer Tracy in an office during a read-through.
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