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Eileen Darby Photo Assignments

John Henry December 30, 1939
Starring Paul Robeson in the title role at the Colonial Theatre in Boston. The show opened on Broadway 11 days later on January 10th, 1940 at the 44th Street Theatre. Despite its short run this was the show that marked the beginning of Eileen Darby's Theatre photography career, the images of which were her first published in the NY Times Photo Section in 1940 by photo editor Victor Talley.
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Two On An Island January 13, 1940
The Elmer Rice comedy about a boy from Ohio who meets a girl from New Hampshire while trying to find success on the island of Manhatten. The show featured a very large cast of over 90 performers including Betty Field and John Craven as the young lovers. Set design by Jo Mielziner. The show ran for 96 performances.
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There Shall Be No Night March 27, 1940
Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne star in the Robert E. Sherwood 1941 Pulitzer Prize winning drama about the Russian takeover of Finland in 1938. The show featured Montgomery Clift, Phylis Thaxter, and Sydney Greenstreet.
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Return Of The Vagabond May 8, 1940
George M. Cohan reprises his role as the vagabond made famous in the 1920 play "The Tavern". The play was a terrible flop, closing after only 7 performances, and causing Mr. Cohan to sadly remark, "They don't want me no more." It was his last appearance on Broadway. Widely noted as opening on May 17th, the play actually opened on May 13th and closed on May 18th.
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Flight to the West December 13, 1940
Elmer Rice's anti-nazi drama about a disparate group of characters aboard a Yankee Clipper flight from Lisbon to New York. The play featured Betty Field, Karl Malden, Hugh Marlowe, and Kevin McCarthy, ran for 136 performances, and was considered one of the best of the year. Set design by Jo Mielziner.
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My Sister Eileen December 23, 1940
My Sister Eileen was a joyous comedy based on Ruth McKenney's New Yorker stories about the urban adventures of her attractive sister Eileen. The Max Gordon production, staged by George S. Kaufman, ran for an incredible 864 performances. In a tragic twist, newlyweds Eileen McKenney and husband novelist Nathaniel West were killed in an automobile accident only 4 days before the opening. The show was adapted into the great musical Wonderful Town by Betty Comden, Adolph Green, and Leonard Bernstein in 1953.
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Louisiana Purchase circa 1940
A musical comedy featuring Broadway team William Gaxton and Victor Moore, Irene Bordoni, Vera Zorina, Carol Bruce, and with a score by Irving Berlin. Victor Moore stars as Senator Oliver P. Loganberry on a campaign to expose the corruption of the Louisiana government in this lighthearted spoof inspired by the administration of the late Governor Huey Long.
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Carmen Amaya January 20, 1941
famous Spanish dancer Carmen Amaya.
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Native Son March 5, 1941
Based on the fantastic award winning novel by Richard Wright and directed by Orson Welles only two months before the release of his film masterpiece Citizen Kane. Starring Canada Lee as Bigger Thomas, a tormented black man in the slums of South Side Chicago wanted for killing a white woman. A powerful commentary on the American racial environment.
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Boys and Girls Together March 21, 1941
A musical revue starring Ed Wynn with a score by Irving Kahal and Jack Yellen.
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Night Before Christmas March 29, 1941
A comedy in three acts written by Laura Perelman and S.J. Perelman. The show featured Harry Bratsburg (who later became Colonel Sherman T. Potter on the hit TV show M*A*S*H), a young Shelley Winters, and was later made into the film "Larceny, Inc." starring Edward G. Robinson and featuring Anthony Quinn and Jane Wyman.
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The Beautiful People April 15, 1941
Images from the opening of the William Saroyan play at the Lyceum Theatre, 1941.
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Betsy Blair / Betsy Allen May 21, 1941
Betsy Blair was the wife of Gene Kelly.
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Mister Big September 4, 1941
The rehearsals of the murder-mystery comedy produced and staged by Geroge S. Kaufman that ran for only 7 performances. Featuring Fay Wray, Hume Cronyn, Mitzi Hajos, Betty Furness, and Robert Whitehead.
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Candle In The Wind September 13, 1941
Chosen as one of the 10 best plays of the 1941-1942 season, starring Helen Hayes, staged by Alfred Lunt, and featuring Evelyn Varden and Lotte Lenya.
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Jooss Ballet September 23, 1941
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The More the Merrier September 26, 1941
The comedy staged by Otto Preminger. It ran for 16 performances at the Cort Theatre and featured Keenan Wynn, Teddy Hart, J.C. Nugent, Frank Albertson, and Grace McDonald.
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Anne of England September 27, 1941
Drama produced by Gilbert Miller that ran for only 7 performances with Flora Robson, Frederic Worlock, Leo G. Carroll and Jessica Tandy as Abigail Hill (afterwards Mrs. Masham) at the St. James Theatre.
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Mata and Hari October 10, 1941
Eccentric dancers Ruth Mata (Meta Krahn) and Eugene Hari (Otto Ulbricht).
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Macbeth October 22, 1941
The revival starring Dame Judith Anderson and Maurice Evans with Staats Cotsworth as Banquo. It was very successful and ran for 131 performances.
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Spring Again October 26, 1941
A successful comedy directed by Guthrie McClintic featuring Grace George and C. Aubrey Smith. The plot tells of a long suffering wife subjected to constant stories of her husband's Civil War hero father at Shiloh who decides to recount his families real true story as a dramatized radio serial.
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Theatre November 15, 1941
Posed photographs
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High Kickers circa 1941
The 171 performances hit starring George Jessel and Sophie Tucker. A burlesque troop is arrested in Ohio, but manages to get off by exposing the mayor's wife as an old trooper.
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Let's Face It! circa 1941
Music and lyrics by Cole Porter, starring Danny Kaye with Vivian Vance, Eve Arden, and Edith Meiser. Featuring Nanette Fabray, Mary Jane Walsh, Helena Bliss. Based on the 1925 hit comedy play, "The Cradle Snatcher's."
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American Theatre Wing Stage Door Canteen Opening March 2, 1942
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