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Eileen Darby Photo Assignments

The Glass Menagerie date unknown
The Tennessee Williams' play that established him as a major American Playwright. The success of The Glass Menagerie started a long series of hit Broadway plays for Williams. Starring Laurette Taylor, with Set Design by Jo Mielziner. The included sequence of Laurette Taylor on the phone selling magazine subscriptions is considered by many to be the finest performance on a Broadway stage.
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You Touched Me September 25, 1945
The rehearsal of Tennessee Williams' play immediately following his success with The Glass Menagerie. He co-wrote the play with Donald Windham, based on the original story by D.H. Lawrence. The play stars Montgomery Clift and Edmund Gwenn at the Booth Theatre, New York. Produced by Guthrie McClintic. These images were taken opening day.
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