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Eileen Darby Photo Assignments

Spring Again October 26, 1941
A successful comedy directed by Guthrie McClintic featuring Grace George and C. Aubrey Smith. The plot tells of a long suffering wife subjected to constant stories of her husband's Civil War hero father at Shiloh who decides to recount his families real true story as a dramatized radio serial.
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Morning Star August 21, 1942
Gregory Peck made his Broadway debut in this Guthrie McClintic production, written by Emlyn Williams, which centers on the happenings of the British newspaper Morning Star. The play was Peck's calling card to Hollywood, despite its short 24 performance run and less than stellar reviews. These images are from the rehearsal.
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The Three Sisters November 26, 1942
Katharine Cornell, Judith Anderson, and Gertrude Musgrove star as the three sisters in this distinguished revival of the Anton Checkov play, staged by Guthrie McClintic. The show featured Edmund Gwenn, Dennis King, Alexander Knox, Ruth Gordon, and, in a bit part, a very young Kirk Douglas making his Broadway debut.
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You Touched Me September 25, 1945
The rehearsal of Tennessee Williams' play immediately following his success with The Glass Menagerie. He co-wrote the play with Donald Windham, based on the original story by D.H. Lawrence. The play stars Montgomery Clift and Edmund Gwenn at the Booth Theatre, New York. Produced by Guthrie McClintic. These images were taken opening day.
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Playboy of The Western World Rehearsal date unknown
Starring Burgess Meredith, Directed by Guthrie McClintic
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