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Eileen Darby Photo Assignments

Let's Face It! circa 1941
Music and lyrics by Cole Porter, starring Danny Kaye with Vivian Vance, Eve Arden, and Edith Meiser. Featuring Nanette Fabray, Mary Jane Walsh, Helena Bliss. Based on the 1925 hit comedy play, "The Cradle Snatcher's."
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Something For The Boys December 17, 1942
A musical comedy starring Ethel Merman with Allen Jenkins and Paula Laurence. Produced by Mike Todd, written by Herbert Fields and Dorothy Fields, with music and lyrics by Cole Porter. The show featured choreography by Jack Cole and was his first Broadway musical. Three distant cousins inherit a Texas mansion located near an Army base and become involved in military and romantic maneuvers.
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Mexican Hayride December 28, 1943
A musical starring Bobby Clark as a comedic con-man on the lam in Mexico, and featuring June Havoc as an American female bullfighter. Book by Herbert Fields and Dorothy Fields. Produced by Mike Todd. Music and lyrics by Cole Porter, who found a much needed hit in the song, "I Love You."
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Seven Lively Arts circa 1944
The rehearsal for the original Broadway show starring Bea Lillie, Bert Lahr, and Anton Dolen. Music and lyrics by Cole Porter, with performances by Benny Goodman. Salvador Dali created paintings for the show and Igor Stravinsky composed a ballet. The revue about young people coming to New York seeking the arts was considered a flop after 183 performances. To put on the show, Billy Rose spared no expense to restore the Ziegfeld from a second run movie house to a premiere theatre.
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Kiss Me, Kate November 3, 1948
Cole Porter, Patricia Morison, Alfred Drake, John C. Wilson, Harold Lang, and Bella Spewack are shown at the rehearsal for Kiss Me, Kate at the New Century Theatre.
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Cole Porter January 10, 1949
Cole Porter shown in his study working on the score for the musical comedy Kiss Me, Kate.
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Out Of This World November 14, 1950
Music and lyrics by Cole Porter. Directed by Agnes de Mille with choreography by Hanya Holm. The musical comedy revolves around the god Jupiter who seeks an affair with the already-married mortal Helen (Priscilla Gillette). To win her over, the sex-crazed Jupiter disguises himself as Helen's husband (William Eythe), until he is tracked down by his wife Juno (star Charlotte Greenwood).
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Can-Can May 28, 1953
Starring Lilo and Peter Cookson. Gwen Verdon, protege of famed jazz choreographer Jack Cole, became well known through this show. Music and lyrics by Cole Porter.
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Mary Jane Walsh date unknown
Singer known for "Too Many Girls", 1939. Her first show was Rodgers and Harts "I'd Rather Be Right", 1937, from the famous quote "I'd Rather Be Right Than President". Shown here while involved with "Let's Face It!", the Cole Porter 1941 musical.
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